Thursday, April 28, 2016

So much has changed since I last blogged. It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog. Seriously, I think I may be following a few dogs. Pugs, of course. It's cute because they pretend to be typing and telling us of their adventures to the park and how delicious their treats are. But we know it's really their owner, yet we read it anyways. Atleast we hope it's their owner. If I had a dog, chances are he would blog. But all joking aside, I feel like it's time to bring the blog back. Not because everyone is doing it, but because it really helped me when I WAS doing it. I've joined groups on social media that are specifically designated for T1 moms. It's been a huge relief to know that I'm not the only one who is struggling with this disease while atempting motherhood. So far so good, I hope. So much has happened and so much has changed. I feel like a different person. I don't feel like the teenager with diabetes anymore. I now feel like a mother, a full time, full blown, single (might I add), soccer mom. My college days are nearing an end. With graduation approaching and birthdays coming and going, I am starting to feel my age. Bare with me as I leap back in to this blogging journey. For those who know me and know what the past has entailed, enjoy the read. For those of you who don't know me and you stumbled upon my blog by accident, or your coming from one of the T1 Mommies groups on facebook, buckle up buttercup. I warn you now that I don't plan on holding anything back. I'm not biting my tongue, nor am I sugar coating ANYTHING. I am sharing my real feelings, honest opinions, my real life dreams and nightmares, and all the un betweens of being a full time mom and diabetic. Enjoy.